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How to Manage a Tenant Who is Not Paying Rent


If you are a landlord, but you still haven’t faced them, don’t worry you will do it. Of course, we think of those tenants who don’t pay the rent. Called tenants from hell who pay late or don’t pay rent or damage your property. His kids turn your wall into a modern art and argument begins with you on every word you say. We often meet countless examples of tenants who lie, steal and cheat and, unfortunately,   happens to make a mess that you would not expect an animal to do that. This article is designed to give you a few tips about how to deal with this problem.

  • Don’t Scream, Screen

The first step to deal with tenants is obvious to make a proper check before you decide on whom to rent your apartment. The proper verification, we think on about credit checking of the person that has, confirmation of his income, calling their references. Some people really don’t know how much money they can afford. Therefore, it is important that their income needs to be at least three times the monthly rent. This is a very useful question and doesn’t be afraid to reject the tenant, wait the perfect tenant.

  • Have a Written Policy

It is almost hard to know how to follow the rules when, in fact, there are no rules to follow. The lease is the first step that you need to create a written policy. In order with this written policy that the tenant should sign the lease under the contract. Be careful, don’t be a landlord who makes a deal only with a handshake. With this, you can give the tenant perception that you are not serious or this is just a hobby for you.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Remove the Problem

Life is really short to spend your precious time, to stuck renting your property to the called tenants from hell. If you have a lot of problems with tenants who didn’t follow the rules get rid of them. There are plenty of places where they can go, which actually you don’t kick them off the street. If they have a lease and you want to keep them, you can always try the old technique called “Cash for Keys”. For the best Tenant Eviction Service call us today on 020 8088 9015.


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