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Letter Before Action

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<h1>Tenant evictions can be a stressful and tiring process for professional landlords and accidental landlords.</h1>
Often the tenants will inaccurately depict you as a bad landlord. If you let us work with them on your behalf, this can be a good way to mitigate the stressful situation. We will lead the process and  you should not need to experience further stressful dialogues with your tenants over unpaid rents.

When the rent is not being paid, your investment is under threat. This threat combined with the stress and the uncertainty as to what may happen is very unpleasant. You need to evict your tenant but you may wonder How do I evict my tenant?

If you do not know how to do this, or having issues dealing with bad tenants and need help, <b>Evicting Tenants Ltd</b> is here to help.
<li>Dealing with bad tenants can be hard work</li>
<li>Dealing with bad tenants can be very costly.</li>
<li>Doing it yourself could lead to mistakes</li>
<li>Doing it yourself could cost thousands of pounds over the longer term.</li>
<strong>Why not contact EvictingTenants.org to take care of it for you.</strong>

The steps are easy, and clearly outlined below.
<h1><b>Letter Before Action – £35 </b></h1>
The pre court action letter demonstrates to your tenants that this is a serious situation. In our experience this can be effective in itself as a means to:
<li>Recover rent arrears</li>
<li>Limit damage to property</li>
<li>Address complaints from neighbours</li>
<li>Further agreement breaches</li>
If the tenants do not act on the above, it will be necessary to commence legal proceedings to end the tenancy and evict the tenant.

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