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Accelerated possessions to reclaim your property quickly

It is quite common that tenants refuse to leave your property at the end of their tenancy. However, even if the fixed term of the agreement has come to an end, the law requires that the appropriate process is gone through in order to get the tenant to vacate the property. This may seem unnecessarily difficult to the inexperienced, but it is the Law in England and Wales.

  • A good way to get a tenant to vacate a property can be using the approach to get a court order for an Accelerated Possession.
  • If the paper work is correct, accelerated possession should enable the landlords to not attend a Court hearing and that the tenant should vacate the property within the period that the court prescribes.
  • In our experience this is typically 14 days.

Important note:

  • Not all situations qualify for the accelerated eviction procedure but there any alternatives so please contact EvictingTenants.org as we can still help.
  • Get in touch to discuss an accelerated eviction is the best choice for you.
  • If your tenancy is now at an end and your tenants are now refusing to leave, then the first thing that you should do is contact EvictingTenants.org. Please provide the details of the property you require possession of and tenants you need to evict.
  • We can do the rest for you, including drafting and serving the required legal documents.
  • We can also deal with any communications serve the papers and everything else involved in the accelerated possession procedure.

We have a great success rate and we can usually gain an eviction order rapidly, and hassle free, for you.

What is required in order to apply for an Accelerated Possession Order?

  • Assured shorthold tenant (AST)
  • Written tenancy agreement, beginning after 15th January 1989
  • A written notice period of at least two months for the tenant.
  • If you took a money deposit for a tenancy starting after April 2007 you must have put it in a deposit protection scheme.
  • You can still evict tenants if you didn’t take a deposit.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate HMO licence if applicable

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