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Having found myself in a predicument that i would not wish on my worst enemy. I found myself stressed worried and unaware where to find helped. I was suddenly thrown in to the world of horror story. I had rented a house out reluctantly because for some reason l had trouble selling it. Not having a clue how to go about it, i went for the management option. I got in touch with a local estate agent and they got me a tenant in no time. Full references and six months rent in advance. Great nothing to this renting larck. Until the rent was due again. Every excuse in the book was given on why the money was not forth given. This went on and on. I wanted to get them out , and quick. Well there is no sutch thing as quick when it come to evictions. A section 21 was served to the tenant. This ment two months notice was given to them as notice to leave. Two months passed and they are going no where. Abuse and failure to answer phone calls email and letters. At this point i was told i now needed to go down the legal route. How do lgo about that? Google came to my aid. First eviction specialist listed was Lebern, no idea who they are or if any good . eviction specialist, out for your money cold un caring . Usual dred came to mind when having to deal with a eviction specialist. To cut a very long story short Shereen who i delt with was absolutely fantastic. She was understanding , warm and friendly. She delt with every stage of the court aplications, explained everthing . She called and emailed me without me having to keep asking what was happening. If you find yourself in a situation like mine please contact Lebern . You wont be sorry you did. My tenants are now out and i feel reborn.


Rachael Glasscock

Shereen at LeBern has been extremely professional, efficient and supportive during the whole process.  I have experienced 100% peace of mind that the eviction has been managed in an efficient, timely and cost effective way throughout.